Episode #37: Take the time to connect with your patients | Debbie Seidel-Bittke

July 04, 2017

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Key Points at a Glance

  • Debbie Seidel-Bittke, Founder of Dental Practice Solutions, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • At 12 years old, Debbie wanted to become a dental hygienist
  • Helped to start a dental hygienist school in 2007
  • You need to have a system in place
  • It’s important to have the right dental hygienist in your practice
  • The Doctor is the leader of the team and needs to take charge and identify who the team players are
  • When creating a treatment plan, include something for the patient
  • Get to know your patients, connect with them
  • Have a morning team huddle, each person on the team should have their own project they complete
  • Plan the day, know who the patients are that are coming in for that day
  • Team members should follow through with patients, if they need further treatment it should be discussed and the next appointment should be made
  • Team members that do not follow through are not a good fit for your practice
  • Be positive, positivity spreads from person to person
  • The type of people you need in your practice are the ones who want your business to grow

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