Inspiring Lessons in Dental Practice Success

Marketing Your Dental Practice

Episode #80
How to Apply the Influence Principals by Robert Cialdini to Grow Your Dental Practice with Angus Pryor

Key Points at a Glance

  • Angus Pryor, Dental Profit System, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Has been a drummer, diplomat, developer and a ‘drug pusher’ (Pharmaceuticals)
  • The 6 Principals of Influence – Robert Cialdini
  • Reciprocity: giving to receive
  • Commitment & consistency
  • Social Proof to grow your business
  • Become an authority figure
  • Liking: doing business with those who like you

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Episode #70
Make Sure That Internal Marketing is in Place in Your Dental Practice with Sandy Pardue

Key Points at a Glance

  • Sandy Pardue, Director of Consulting of Classic Practice Resources, Inc., in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • In dentistry for 35 years
  • Started consulting in 1993
  • Scheduling Academy
  • Spice up your practice
  • Make sure your internal marketing is in place
  • What’s happening to your existing patients?
  • Re-activation project
  • Re-Calls

Cell: 1-800-928-9289
Episode #57
Top Places for a Dental Practice to do Ground Marketing | Michael Arias

Key Points at a Glance

  • Michael Arias, Host of The Dental Marketer Pod Cast Show, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Expert in ground marketing
  • Ground marketing is person to person contact
  • Go to your favorite places (like a coffee shop) and speak to someone who always helps you and offer something for free to the employees to casually build a list of new patients
  • Build a rapport with employees first, come back another time to see if you can market to customers
  • ‘Free’ is one of the strongest words in marketing
  • Chamber of Commerce, check calendar of events and call to offer to have a table available and offer dental floss, or any other item at their events
  • Many places to market to
  • Be consistent. You will have people tell you no, so learn to deal with rejection
  • Be happy, be enthusiastic and be compassionate with everybody

Episode #55
Best Practices for Marketing your Dental Practice | Leonard Tau

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Leonard Tau, practicing Dentist & Birdeye Associate, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Expert and Speaker on reviews and other marketing topics
  • Bought a practice in 2007 and started online marketing
  • Started teaching marketing after becoming successful and then consulting other dentists
  • Started a software called ISocial Reviews and was later acquired by Birdeye & now runs Birdeye Dental Division and Trade Show Team
  • Importance of reviews for your practice
  • How Birdeye works
  • Using reviews and referrals to grow your business
  • A) To respond or not to respond to negative reviews
    B) Prompt patients to leave a review (like text them with a link)
  • Tracking your ROI and campaigns

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Episode #44
How Dental Practices can improve their Marketing | Minal Sampat

Key Points at a Glance

  • Minal Sampat, Founder of Growth Management Marketing, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Minal is a dental hygienist and marketing consultant
  • Launched her company in 2013 by breaking a World Guinness Record (most simultaneous mouthwash swishers at one time)
  • Started working with a pediatric dentistry performing various jobs within the practice and then into marketing and fell in love with it, got good at it and started marketing company to help other dentists
  • The dentist should not be doing all tasks
  • Streamlining marketing
  • Your practice should have an ‘in house’ person
  • Data- what’s working and what’s not working
  • Design your marketing around the data
  • Evaluation of how your marketing is working
  • Focus on one platform, get good at it, then move on to the next platform
  • The most powerful way to bring new patients into your practice is word of mouth
  • Once you know what you like and trust, that’s the place you are going to go to
  • If there is someone in your practice who loves marketing, sit down and talk to them about it
  • You need to be online and have good SEO so that patients and potential patients can see you
  • It’s ok to have a couple negative reviews, as long as you respond to them in a positive way, and have more positive reviews than you do negative
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Episode #23
Marketing is growing confidence | Naren Arulrajah and JV Crum III

Key Points at a Glance

  • Digital marketing expert and Serial Entrepreneur Naren Arulrajah, in conversation with JV Crum of
  • Great marketing is about growing confidence
  • When you build a strong reputation with marketing, customers will trust in your product
  • Make innovation a huge part of your brand, constantly create, constantly improve
  • You need to have clarity to what kind of experience you want to create
  • You need to live it, live the experience you create for your customers
  • Who do you want to be a hero to?
  • Technology should be the servant, not the other way around
  • When people love you, they want you to succeed, they tell their friends about you
  • Every day you improve, you become better not only for yourself but to those you are a hero to
  • When you are able to simplify you can move forward and grow in your business
  • You’re not in competition with everyone else, your competing with yourself and getting better
  • Sometimes you have to change the way you look at the world to make an impact
  • When you give your all to your customers who turn into fans the relationship and loyalty grows immensely
  • Think about the mindsets of the people who you are a hero to
  • Scarcity grows confidence, we all want what we can’t have, so if a select few have your ‘test’ product and the others see it- it creates a want and desire of needing that product from potential customers
  • As a society, people are happier when they are a hero to others

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