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Episode #47
Getting Through The Dread of Dentistry to Finding The Passion Again with Jen Butler

Key Points at a Glance

  • Jen Butler, Founder of JB Partners, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Over 25 years of working in Business
  • Started in dentistry about 10 years ago
  • Getting through the ‘dread’ of dentistry and finding the passion again
  • The 5 Stressors that dentists have
  • The young dentist and boredom
  • Mid-career dentists stressors and dread
  • The dread that dentists who have 10 years until retirement experience
  • The dread that dentists who have 5 years until retirement experience
  • Know, asses, reduce your stress (3 kinds of stress: situational, psychological and physiological)
  • Breathing, laughter, meditation and prayer are some of the best ways to work through stress
  • Success story (from dread to passionate)

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Episode #45
Using Dental Podcasts to learn from other Dentists | Dr. Bilal Saib

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Bilal Saib, Dentist and Owner of Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry and The Passionate Dentist, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • One of the first people to start podcasting in dentistry
  • Enjoys podcasting and getting to talk to and learn from other dentists
  • Podcasts create an online presence and helps give credibility to your name
  • Using small gifts for patient appreciation and referrals
  • Patients you like vs unwanted patients
  • ‘The Avatar’ – the absolute perfect patient
  • Identifying and focusing your marketing toward your perfect patient
  • Fast paced changes in marketing
  • Switching the mindset of a patient by helping them
  • The basic human need
  • The profession of caring
  • Helping the younger dentists and getting through debts
  • The story on how Ekwa began
  • Easing back into podcasting with new content

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