Inspiring Lessons in Dental Practice Success

How to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty

Episode #34
Keeping your patients in the practice | Dr. John Montoya

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. John Montoya, Boulder Dental Designs, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Graduated dental school in 2001
  • Made the move to Boulder to run his own practice
  • Look at your practice as a business, not just a practice
  • The field of dentistry is always changing, stay on top of it
  • Marketing- getting your practice out there
  • Tracking your marketing
  • Providing great customer service
  • Driving focus of Dr. Montoya’s Dental Plan

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Episode #33
Providing exceptional dentistry & patient education | Kiera Dent

Key Points at a Glance

  • Kiera Dent, Kiera’s Dental Consulting, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Started out as a dental assistant
  • Taught at Midwestern for 3 years
  • In a span of 9 mos grew $500,000 to $2.4 million
  • Decided to take her experience in building practices to help others
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Patients want to be educated
  • When you learn something ‘grow’ it
  • The whole team should be educated on the procedures and treatments your practice offers
  • Be unique, stand out
  • Go above and beyond and give exceptional dentistry

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Episode #19
Have a united, consistent front for your patients | Mr. Kevin Henry

Key Points at a Glance

  • Mr. Kevin Henry, dental assistant coach and former dental journalist, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Started in sports public relations, then into dental journalism with dental economics to working with dental assistants
  • Dental assistants are the right hand, have more faith and appreciation in them
  • The entire team in the practice needs to be on the same page, consistent
  • The assistant plays a key role in the patients experience
  • Even the smallest note of appreciation, goes a long way
  • Dental assistants are the heartbeat of the practice
  • What your dental assistant can and can’t legally do per state:
  • Don’t let a bad day reflect your body language, the patients will know

Episode #15
Putting the patient before insurance | Ms. Laura Hatch

Key Points at a Glance

  • Ms. Laura Hatch, Founder of Front Office Rocks,in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Started out as office manager at husband’s dental practice in Boston, later moved to San Diego, Ca
  • Started Front Office Rocks as a training resource for dental teams
  • Bad phone calls
  • Don’t be insurance driven, put the patient first
  • Converting an insurance question into an appointment
  • Continual reinforcement and training for the front office
  • A great call
  • What’s behind the ‘why’ of what you’re doing
  • The purpose of your team members
  • Hiring the right team members
  • Challenges within the office

Episode #7
Patient Relationships: Building & Nurturing from the first phone call | Dr. Peter Evans

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Peter Evans of Evans Dental Care, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Moving away from negativity in the practice
  • Treating patients and building relationships
  • From new patient’s 1st call to trust & growth
  • Welcoming the patient and meaning it
  • Small Victories and the grid
  • Healthy teeth, longer life
  • More in-depth on the grid
  • For more information:, 757-220-1848 ask for Rachel or Donna
  • Get personal with Dr. Evans!
Episode #4
Creating Great Patient-Doctor Relationships | Dr. Griffin Cole

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Griffin Cole of Advanced Restorative Dentistry in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Niche Focus on Mercury Free Dentistry
  • Patients pay out of pocket – not insurance
  • Patients come for better healthcare
  • Working only on one patient at a time
  • Having engaging relationship with the patient
  • Seeing only two to six patients a day
  • Working just 24 hours in a week
  • Ranks among top 1% dentists in terms of income
  • Patients love Dr. Cole’s website

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