Inspiring Lessons in Dental Practice Success

Tips and Insights from Experienced Dentists

Episode #30
Stepping on adversity to get to Success | Dr. Taylor Clark

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Taylor Clark, Dentist & Author of Beating all Odds, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Graduated dental school in 2002
  • Overcame a dermatologic issue against dental materials
  • Using adversity to build a better, more educated practice
  • Complaining, blaming and justifying will slit your financial throat
  • Know where you’re going
  • The bigger the why, the easier the how
  • Get prepared the best way you can, then get started
  • The information is there, it’s up to you to take action
  • When you provide value to others, it eventually comes back to you
  • Establish your lifestyle & what’s important to you
  • Learn from other’s mistakes

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Episode #26
Taking the time to learn about the younger generation | Dr. David Rice

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. David Rice, ignitedds and East Amherst Dental Center, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Has been practicing dentistry for 23 years
  • Enjoys teaching and being an educator for dental students and young dentists
  • Generations and cultures think differently
  • Currently 60 and above-Baby Boomers, 40-60 are Gen Xers, 20s to late 30s Millennials
  • Mindsets and generations
  • Learn how other generations think, so you can have a conversation
  • Opportunities in various niches of dentistry
  • Focus on what you are inherently good at
  • Time is the most invaluable commodity
  • Today’s dentist wants to be more than ‘just a dentist’
  • Change the way you look at things
  • Find people who are already successful doing what you want to become
  • Show gratitude, even on the hard days

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Episode #25
Be passionate about what you do | Dr. Erin Elliott

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Erin Elliott, Post Falls Family Dental, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Went from big city to small town life
  • Associate for 8 years, now in full partnership
  • Being able to be coached is important
  • Worked out on the Indian reservation for a short time
  • Build a practice that you do what you’re interested in, do something where you are excited to show up for work
  • How Dr. Elliott got started in helping treat Sleep Apnea patients
  • Start out with finding your ‘why’
  • How to find out if you have sleep apnea
  • The first step
  • Going from nothing to where you are today
  • Spread the word/market, visit with people
  • American Sleep and Breathing Academy
  • Consults and trains other practices on their patients

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Episode #22
Stepping up and asking for help | Dr. Don Deems

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Don Deems, Dentist and Coach, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Practicing dentistry for 30 years and a coach for 16 years
  • Learning to ask for help
  • Allow those who work for you to help you
  • Keeping your self-esteem afloat
  • Working through the struggles
  • People make changes when there is pain
  • The value of objection
  • Don’t buy every new piece of dental equipment out there
  • Don’t get caught up in the ‘pressure’
  • Developing through personal growth
  • Look inward; figure out who you are

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Episode #21
Growing with the Evolution of Dentistry | Dr. David Maloley

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. David Maloley, Dentist, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Background of Dr. David Maloley
  • Stay away from regretful mindset
  • You have one chance to play this game, play it full out
  • Growing with the evolution of business and dentistry
  • Embracing multiple hats as a business owner and dentist
  • Dealing with the good and the bad
  • Growing confidence in various aspects
  • Quarterly evaluations and growth
  • Focus on what your legacy will be
  • Treating your team and patients as volunteers
  • Understanding dependence

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Episode #18
Starting a new dental practice | Dr. Trent McCord

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Trent McCord, Dentist, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Recently started his dental practice in April 2016
  • Recommends taking the Break Away Practice seminar if you are just starting out
  • Get ‘yourself’ out there, let people know you’re opening soon
  • Get your phones and website set up and send out mailers this way you can have a good schedule of appointments on your opening day
  • Have a good hard working team that communicates well and gets along with everyone
  • Use your intuition when hiring your team
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Take time to spend time with family
  • Get to know your patients and develop relationships
  • Don’t expect things to be perfect on day one

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Episode #9
The value of taking the time to enjoy life | Dr. Bill Blatchford

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Bill Blatchford, Dentist, Pilot & Coach, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Life is short, we need to play more
  • Making time and experiences more valuable than money
  • Get out of debt as soon as possible
  • How to get the team involved
  • Why you need to market

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Episode #3
Enjoying the Journey | Dr. Steven L. Hatcher

Key Points at a Glance

  • Dr. Steven Hatcher of Triad Dentistry in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Finding balance between work and life
  • Dentistry can feel stifling if you don’t enjoy the journey
  • Learning from everyone around you
  • Hiring people by involving existing team members
  • Fostering chemistry among the team members
  • Delegating responsibilities to the team
  • Having strong relationships becomes the key to success
  • The secret is to ask questions in order to lead people where you want to take them

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